Merry Christmas

“Merry Christmas” is a game about … Opps sorry, this is not a game 😀

It seems that Christmas time is here once again, and it is time again to bring in the New Year. We wish the merriest of Christmas to you and your loved ones, and we wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead.


First of all, thank you for accompanying us for the past year. Without you, we won’t be able to have such a strong community. Ever since I started creating this website, I have put my heart here, I always want to bring everything to you, that’s why you see slogan “We are gamers – We are a family” here. My goal is to create a friendly community where people can help each other (not only from one side, not only I help you … No, all people should help each other if possible). I also always want to send my sincere thanks to my friends, old moderators, new moderators, helpers, trusted members, … Without them to help me over the years, and until now, We cannot have a clean community like now.. Did you know, at first, when the website was founded, I had a lot of trouble persuading people to download the game, plus many people were spamming my games have viruses, trojans, shit, slow,… But now, when talking about “IGG”, everyone sees this as a reliable place, I’m happy about this. That is all your contribution.


Maybe I said too much, do you know why? Perhaps this is my last post (as the admin of this site), I just want to say my words to the members, who have been with me for a long time. This is the time to say goodbye…I know you are very surprised about this, but for a few people, or at least those who have heard me talk about plans in the future, they will know that this is in my plan from half a year ago. I spent half a year to redesign the website, especially at the backend (since the site has a large number of visitors, it was no longer stable), fix the errors needed, as well as prepare everything during the move to the new owner,… most of us are having their own life, me too. I want the last time I’m here, I can bring out the best that I can do for everyone. I will transfer the site to a friend of mine (a rather famous person in operating large websites), he has a lot of experience, I believe he will bring this site to a high level new. Since this site has grown, I have no longer felt that I can manage it anymore, I simply did everything with my heart in those days. I planned to do this from the beginning of December, but some hateful people stopped me from doing that (I don’t know if I should thank them or hate them, when they give me more time to be here with you). So I had to clean up everything before moving the site to my friend. I don’t know whether I should say these things or not, to some people who won’t understand what I say, or if you’re curious, you can look here (Copy and paste it in a text file or anywhere to read, I do not want the post to be too long, and it is not really necessary)

Thank you for reading these lines, if you are a regular follower of this site, you will find that some hateful people have intentionally harmed me, they said that I do many bad things, I harm they and their website, I swear I have never done this, they simply want to close their website because they are incapable of managing, and they take me as a scapegoat, a perfect reason for them to put their website down. More sadly, there are many people who believe that it is true and need no proof at all, I was surprised to see that people are so easily fooled, when they hear someone talk about something on the internet, they immediately believe it is 100% true, they don't need to think with the brain. I tried walking around the *forums*, I even saw some people saying that IGG website is shit, full virus, trojan, even mining cryptocurrency, ... Opps ... I've never used cryptocurrency, and I'm one of those who hate cryptocurrency, mining cryptocurrency just makes your computer lose life quickly, but in return it's not worth it . They fucked me because I make money from ads based on free games,... Maybe they think they're gods and everything needs to be free for them, I still need money to maintain the servers, but I always say NO to viruses, trojans, mining cryptocurrency, ... Conversely, I try to visit some of their websites, I have seen them calling people to use the CPU to mining cryptocurrency to helps them, LOL. And they say, it's donate xD, and they fuck sites like TPB because they use the user's CPU to mining cryptocurrency, it's ridiculous.After walking around that forum, I suddenly realized that most Mods from that forum come to the same place (if you are observant, you will see), and after some time, they will find some reason to spread rumors that some websites have viruses, and they forbid people to talk about it. Gradually, only the sites of their members remain. You can observe for yourself, When you are well-known, this also means that you will have more enemies. I don't want to talk too much about this issue anymore, I just want to advise you, you should think carefully what you read on the internet, do not let others easy to fool you.


Send to Moderators, Helpers, old members, .. continue to help as you did, .. I have listed the members for the new owner, he will take care of you like me , or even better than me. I will continue to support until early January or after completing the transfer … I hope I can see you again in a future project, sometimes I will think about the events and buy ton of game keys, I will organize events on this site with another account. (I’m not sure)


All good things must come to an end. I hope I can leave a beautiful memory in your mind. Everything on this site will work normally… without me.


Good bye…